Parent Teacher Corps (PTC)



The heart and soul of Acacia Community Charter School is the partnership
in learning with each family. We deeply value the unique
contribution that each student’s family offers our school.
Specifically, each family contributes 12 hours of service per
trimester. Service opportunities range from reading a special
story to students in class to making reminder calls about
upcoming events. Whatever your schedule, there is a family
service project to meet your needs.
Families also attend required school events such as Back
to School Night, Conferences, and Showcases of Learning.
There are also many other optional events designed for
family participation such as Family Service Days and Family
Art and Science Night.
Parent Teacher Corps (PTC)
PTC Mission
Acacia Community Charter School PTC is an organization whose
purpose is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the
educational and social environment of ACCS.
Its goals are to complement the school curriculum with
additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to
learn, socialize, communicate and grow
2012-2013 PTC Goals
Our goals for the year are to:
1. Increase parent participation.
2. Create active committees for fundraisers and other family
3. Establish a Room Parent in each class to help with
communication between school and families.
4. Continue to organize fundraisers and fund/organize
various service projects throughout the year.
5. Create a relationship with teachers and school
administration to forward the goals of the school.
6. Engage and support community building.
PTC Executive Board
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